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Words From the Program Coordinator

As a parent of a special child, I started, like most parents, sending my child to different places for various therapies weekly. I was deeply concerned with the absence of a place [private or otherwise] that offers comprehensive services by qualified professionals for  children,  and even more, the lack of coherent knowledge for parents to decide on the next course of  action  after a diagnosis is made. I was moved out of desperation to set up a centre where my child could receive intervention services on a structured and intensive basis from qualified professionals. I initially started at home but found it impossible to engage professionals to set aside the requisite hours needed. I then decided to set up a company and employ fulltime professionals.

While many will point an accusing finger at the government for not doing enough, such an attitude will not help a child, and creates further frustration, thus, the additional stress on parents.

As a parent who has been on this journey, I felt it was better to channel my energy to make things happen than wait for it to happen. One cannot help but feel a sense of grief and mourning for the generations of children who have been overlooked and many more who will join their numbers if nothing is done. You read in the newspapers about the lack of schools for special children and other support resources like special education teachers, speech and occupational therapists and clinical psychologists. This problem is not confined to autistic children but to all special children irrespective of their disabilities.

So what are we to do or where do we start? I sincerely hope this website will prove to be helpful and have all information you need to further understand the process. Your feedback is also appreciated.

Laura, Program Coordinator