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Why is ABA Expensive?

there are many factors that impact the cost of ABA services

The Credential* – Combined with the time it takes to complete your graduate degrees, the rigorous process of working towards the ABA credential takes many years to achieve and can be very expensive – particularly in this part of the world. Having the credential (which must include the on-going continuing education and 1 to 2-year renewal) is crucial to ensure that high standards, accountability and competencies are met when delivering behavior-analytic services that are effective and promote meaningful change for our young clients.

Intensive - The Association for Science in Autism Treatment (ASAT) found that “…ABA is effective in increasing behaviors and teaching new skills….ABA is effective in reducing problem behavior…and also indicates that, when implemented intensively (more than 20 hours per week) and early in life (beginning prior to the age of 4 years), ABA may produce large gains in development and reductions in the need for special services.”  . 

Laborious - In general, ABA programs involve:

  • Evaluating the skills and difficulties of the child
  • Analysing behaviour - making systematic changes to the environment to evaluate the effects of different conditions on the target behaviour  
  • Planning and implementing a program that teaches the required behaviour for increase
  • Teaching simple and complex skills – targets can be broken down into small, concrete steps. The therapist teaches each step one by one
  • Continuous measurement of the required skill to check whether the program is effective
  • Continuous enhancement of the program, and making corrective actions when needed
  • Continuous supervision and monitoring of the team implementing the program

The way these components will be applied by the program differs from one child to another based on factors such as the child’s particular condition in the autism spectrum and the child’s individual strengths and weaknesses. ABA programs can be applied in the family’s home, a clinic, the child’s school or a combination of settings.  In most cases behavioral intervention programs begin in the home and are applied to other environments as the child progresses.

It’s Covers Everything - It’s a known fact that services based on Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) are considered to be the gold standard in treatment options for children with autism. ABA programs can teach children with autism all sorts of things. At EIP, areas of focus include (but not limited to) attending skills, language & communication, motor skills, social skills and also play. But as with all good things in life, time and resources are limited. Therefore, it’s crucial that careful considerations be made with respect to what should be taught - what skills have the largest impact in improving the quality of a child’s life in the ‘real world’? With our early intervention programs, emphasis would be on school-functioning skills.  

EIP seeks meaningful collaboration with parents working together to realise the full potential of a child within the shortest time span. Our programs, though expensive, provides an option for parents or caregivers seeking the most effective treatment for reasons listed as above.

Our team of BCBAs are also able to offer supervision to those requiring supervision hours who are working towards the credential, as well as RBTs who are working on their own. Please email us at for more information.

About EIP

Different programs to cater to specific needs, but with the ultimate goal of acquiring behaviours that are relevant and socially significant.

Programs & Services

Different programs to cater to specific needs, but with the ultimate goal of acquiring behaviours that are relevant and socially significant.

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