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Words from some of the Parents

"When we arrived in KL back in 2007 we had a hard time finding an autism center that we are happy with. Our nine years old son was diagnosed as highly functional autistic with some delayed speech issue. Browsing the web we stumbled upon EIP. Despite its location (we lived in KL and took about half an hour to drive there) we found that EIP is the one we are looking for. Great programs, dedicated and caring teachers/staff and high standard facilities. Each individual student is given a specially designed program that would suit their need as much as possible. Parents are kept well-informed through various ways of reporting/feed-back. They are always open to any discussion/suggestion that we have. EIP always strive to improve the progress of our son as much as possible. 

Our son was eventually enrolled in an International school with the help of EIP and we are are grateful for this. When we left Malaysia for Australia four years later our son's academic level, life skill and speech capability has been improved significantly such that we have no issue getting him into a public school.

I would like to express our gratitude to EIP's owner, all the teachers and the staff. Growing together for four years has made us like one big family with one goal in our minds: providing the best education for our children.

Lucas Nasution/Elsa Darlina



Helping Our Son to Reach His Full Potential 

We started our son in the Intensive Intervention Programme at EIP two months after he was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. He was 3 and 1/2 years old then. 

We decided on EIP after a couple of months exploring educational options best suited for our son because the centre provides needed therapy and the necessary supports all under one roof. We were also keen on the individualised intervention plan mapped out for our son in helping him improves his developmental delays. We were convinced that EIP was the best place to enrolled our son in at the time.

Thanks to the expertise and dedication of all the staff that has been working with us, our son has grown so much these past 2 and 1/2 years. He has shown tremendous improvements in all level of development since he joined EIP and currently participating in the P-Scale Programme provided by the centre to help him get ready for mainstream school.

We are happy to know that EIP can continue to help our son in his journey to reach his full potential even when he is in school with their in-school support and after-school programme. Their endless supplies of useful informations and suggestions with regards to helping our son improves himself in all aspect of his life, has been a positive life-changing factor, and we owe our greatest gratitude to EIP’s family for this. Thank you!

- Parents of a 6 year old boy with Autism, 2014.