Meet the DEDICATED Team of EIP

Working together in collaboration, innovation, care, integrity & accountability


Laura Yap, LLB – Program Coordinator of Early Intervention Programme – Autism and EIP Learning Support Solutions
Laura is a founder of Early Intervention Programme-Autism, which has been operating in Selangor for 14 years. She is a parent of a young adult with autism, who is currently attending college. She has been the biggest advocate in pursuing evidence-based treatment and education throughout the centre, building a strong team to pioneer the industry.

Educational Psychologist - Teow Chean Khai, M. Ed., UTM
Khai’s expertise covers Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and psychoeducational assessment/testing.He has also been certified as a Registered Behavioural Therapist (RBT) and has received training in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Social Thinking. He works with a wide range of students from 2 to 28 years old with various special needs including ASD, ADHD, dyslexia, cerebral palsy, cognitive/executive difficulties, slow learners and mental conditions such as depression and anxiety issues.  He is also a registered member of the Singapore Psychological Society and Malaysia Psychological Association. 

Supervising Therapist-in-training - Jennifer Leong, Msc. in ABA and Board Certified Behaviour Analyst (BCBA)
Jennifer is a Masters graduate from Bangor University. She more than 2 years’ experience implementing intervention programs at home and centre-based, providing personal learning support in an international school setting and until recently, started supervising the EIP team. In 2020, she acquired her BCBA credential.

Supervising Therapist-in-training - Lam Hoi Mun, Msc. in ABA
Lam is a Masters graduate from Bangor University, Scotland. She is currently working on acquiring her clinical hours and supervision to earn the BCBA credential. She has been gaining her experiences in parent consultations, managing cases – particularly centre-based programs and looks forward to expanding these practices to various settings.

Registered Behaviour Technician - Farah Nadia Shamsuri, B. of Arts in Psych.
Farah Nadia joined us not long after participating in a workshop organised by EIP. She is a psychology graduate from IMU and is currently working on gaining as much experience with very young children in particular, with much care and dedication. She is keen to pursue Applied Behaviour Analysis and is excited to grow together with EIP.

Registered Behaviour Technician - Syarifah Zafirah Binti Syed Azman, B. of Arts in Psych
Zafirah or better known as Fira is a new addition to the EIP team. She graduated in July 2019 from University of Queensland, Australia and has just received her RBT credential. She is a mental health enthusiast and she finally found the platform to channel her enthusiasm with the EIP team. 

Registered Behaviour Technician - Aqilah Binti Azman, B. of Science in Psych
Aqilah is a Bachelor’s graduate from the University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus. Recently, she has received her credentials as a Registered Behaviour Technician (RBT). She is venturing into special needs education. Hence, she is looking forward to enhance her knowledge and skills for the needs of her clients.

Registered Behaviour Technician - Julia Soh Ying Li, Grad. Dip. In Counselling
Freshly introduced to the team, Julia has just earned her RBT credentials recently. She is a Counselling Graduate Diploma from College of Allied Educator Singapore at 2019. She strives for betterment and was enthusiastic in continuous learning regardless in CBT or ABA for the interest of her clients.

Centre Administrator - Mariam Adlin, B.MM, and Board Certified Assistant Behaviour Analysis (BCaBA)
Mariam has been dedicating 14 years of her experiences with EIP, and recently acquired her Board Certified Assistant Behaviour Analyst (BCaBA) certification. Apart from her extensive experience in the managements and daily operations of this center, in recent years she has also been part of the teaching team and supervision of RBTs.

Visiting Consultants:

Low Wan Yi, BSc. in Speech Pathology. – Speech-language Therapist
Wan Yi is a graduate from the Science University of Malaysia. She assists EIP in evaluating language strengths and weaknesses in order to make recommendations for access arrangements for clients or students taking standardised examinations like IGCSE, GCE, IB, PPSR, PT3 and SPM.

Stephanie Cheong, MA. in TESOL. – Music Therapist
Stephanie graduated from Western Illinois University with a BA in Arts cum laude (2000), majoring in Music Therapy with a minor in Psychology (2000). In 2017, she graduated with a MA in TESOL with merit from the University of Nottingham. She is currently self-employed and working with special needs children with disabilities such as autism, Down syndrome, Williams syndrome, visual impairment and learning disabilities. She has been offering Music Therapy to clients of EIP since its inception 2004.

We welcome any student (in the related field), interested in this career pathway to pursue an internship attachement with EIP. As interns, you would be:

  • Assigned to a mentor (RBT)
  • Exposed to and expect to assist in teaching
  • Able to establish developmental levels
  • Implementing skills-acquisition and behaviour modification
  • Conducting carry-over activities in Occupational Therapy and Speech Therapy
  • Collecting feedback and response to intervention
  • Assisting in a stimulated classroom setting
  • Providing contructive feedback and recommendations
  • Given ad-hoc assigments

Interns who successfully complete their internship may request for an individual reference from EIP.


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Different programs to cater to specific needs, but with the ultimate goal of acquiring behaviours that are relevant and socially significant.

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Different programs to cater to specific needs, but with the ultimate goal of acquiring behaviours that are relevant and socially significant.

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