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Applied behaviour Analysis & SEN Services

We strive to use evidence based techniques and principles of learning to bring positive and meaningful change in behaviour.

We use Applied Behaviour Analysis or ABA in our programs that are created and implemented by a team, facilitated by a Board Certified Behaviour Analyst (BCBA), who also plays the supervisory* role at EIP. Each of our team member, are trained RBTs (Registered Behaviour Technicians) and, they work together closely to ensure that each child receives the individual tailored treatment. Our main aim is for each child in our early intervention program to reach their optimal potential and acquire the skills that are necessary to benefit from mainstream education.

* If you would like to enquire about supervision, as a RBT or someone working towards their BCBA or BCABA, please contact us at

In addition to early intervention programs, we also use the ABA teaching principles for focused-based programs for school-going children with social and behavioural issues, or academic related issues such as slow in reading and writing, difficulty understanding and responding to written comprehension exercises and word problems, inconsistent performance across subjects or not responding to conventional teaching and learning methods.

In general, our programs involve:

  • Determining the strengths and weaknesses of the child
  • Creating goals or a treatment plan to help the child narrow the gap between them and their peers (IEP)
  • Draw up and implement Behavioural Intervention Plan when necessary (BIP)
  • Evaluate the suitability of the use of AAC (alternative augmentative communication device) and introduce the use of AAC when necessary
  • Help a child generalize skills learnt across all settings (home and pre school settings)
  • Teach parents to recognize teaching opportunities  
  • Continuous monitoring of the child's response to the interventions and making necessary adjustment 
  • Build on skills that are necessary for school setting preparation

The overarching goal of all forms of therapy is to highlight the strengths and to improve upon the weaknesses. Each program will be formulated after the intake evaluation and will be updated accordingly. These are a rundown of some of the main services offered:

Early Intervention Program (2 to 4 years)
Personal Learning Assistant or PLA
Learning Support Programs
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy & Social Skills Program
Parent Empowerment Program
Teacher Empowerment Program
NEW: Vocational Program

Using telehealth in ABA services is not something new, and has slowly grown in popularity over the past few years. However, with the recent COVID-19 crisis, demand for this type of service will be greater and requires the need for providers to be prepared and expand to a different model to deliver treatment.

That said, we understand that each and every one of us has been gravely effected by the current situation. In these uncertain times, we have no way of knowing how long it would take before we can recover from this and return to the way it used to be. For EIP, the process of recovery will still be about protecting the health and safety of all parties involved. Each one of us, whether professionally or personally, have to make adaptations or prepare to make changes, prioritizing what should be considered essential.

If you are a stay-at-home parent (or work from home), live far or have poor access to ABA services, this might be for you.

We will coach you to take the lead and manage your child's intervention through implementation of naturalistic intervention in daily routines and interactions with your child as well as handling challenging behaviour. Learn to create learning opportunities in your child’s typical day – making their every waking hour count. Most importantly, learn how to better understand and connect with your child.

Research shows that parents involvement show greater gains for the child. After all, you know your child best.

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Registration Fees

RM 150.00


One-month Deposit

To follow average monthly fees

Refundable upon 2 month’s (or 1 block) written notice

Resource Fee

RM 500.00

To be paid yearly

Home visit (not applicable for Home-based Program)

RM 500.00

As and when basis

School visit with report

RM 600.00

As and when basis

Early Intervention (inc. of Review & EIP meeting, once every 3 months)

Centre-based Program

RM 500.00
per session of
3 hours

Charged monthly, subject to a minimum 1 session a week

Home-based Program
4 days per week, 3 hours each day

per month


Flat rate, no deductions or replacements for cancellation. However, we will provide a replacement for the teacher, when needed.

Additional charges will incur for travelling allowance

NEW: Individualized Parent Coaching (Online)
- Troubleshooting, Review & IEP meeting

RM 100.00
per hour

RM 50.00
per hour

Minimum 3 sessions per week
With timely progress, rate can decrease as low as RM 50.00 per hour

Once a month

Focused-based Programs

Social-Emotional Regulation Training or CBT (online)
1 Block of 10 sessions

per block

Payable per block. One session is an hour, once a week minimum. Last session of each block is the meeting with parent and/or caregiver

Learning Support Program (online)
These fees are dependent on the needs required by the client

PLA - Personal Learning Support


These fees are dependent on the needs required by the client and our therapists' experience

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Comprehensive Assessments

We provide educational, psychological, and behavioral assessments and screening. Some common reasons for referral would include:

  1. Tantrum or behaviour issues
  2. Anxiety, depressed and extreme emotional reactions
  3. Academic underachievement
  4. Inattentiveness and impulsiveness
  5. Observably intelligent but still underperforms across settings
  6. Gifted and talented identification
  7. Difficulty initiating and maintaining friendship
  8. Seems to be awkward in social situations and generating social responses
  9. Extreme fear of certain aspects in life
  10. Appear to be ‘slow’ or unresponsive to instructions and information
  11. Specific symptoms for learning and/or mental disorders
Each case will be referred to our psychologist and multi-disciplinary team to identify the best tools to assess each client. An intake session will be conducted with the client to build rapport and to determine the needed assessments. After the assessment, a report will be prepared within 1-2 weeks (based on assessment) and a feedback session will be conducted. Recommendations and referral services will also be provided to help empower clients to take charge of their own progress.

We are also able to provide Access Arrangement Facilitation for Examinations which includes assessment and application guide (extra time, typer, oral language modifier and other provisions under with approval from the exam board) as well as academic support for standardized examinations.

These tests and assessments charges range from RM550 to RM3500, depending on the types of tests used.

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