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Involving Parents in the Early Intervention Programme
The role of parents in an Early Intervention Programme is the driving force in assissting their children in achieving the maximum success. All parents are included in the caring of the children's needs whether it is in therapy or education. Parents are seen as equal partners in the multidisciplinary team to provide the necessary care and attention that will help the children to fulfill their potential.

We recognise that parents with children of special needs are constantly worried and anxious for their children's future. Sometimes, parents may also feel frustrated and angry about their children's condition. Therefore, it is important that parents work together with the professionals in the team to discuss and obtain support. We respect the needs that parents themselves may have, and would provide as much support as possible.

Under the Early Intervention Programme, parents and other important caregivers in teh family would be provided orientation and basic training to care and manage their children. It cannot be emphasized more, a lot of effort comes from parents and family members to make the intervention work effectively. Open communication is, thus, an important starting point to promote good working relationship.