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For the Community
On this page, we provide the latest on what we have to offer for the community and professionals, promotions and information on future events.

Scholarship Program

After 15 years of professional service, the team at EIP would like to extend our services to benefit those that are not able to proceed with typical treatment costing. As EIP's scholarship beneficiary, this child would receive the same high standard of service that we provide to all our clients over the years.

Leave us a message to find out more, or email your interest and enquiries to

Cradle to Grave Seminar (Closed)

Download the brochure here. To register, visit this page.

Special Event (closed)

Since 2011, we have been organising free screenings for those suspected to have developmental delays. Find out more below:

What is a Developmental Delay?
It is an ongoing minor or major delay in the process of a child's development. The child may not be progressing at the same rate as other children the same age. It can occur in one or many areas of gross & fine motor, language, social or thinking skills.

Why is developmental screening inportant?
It identifies and establishes conditions associated with developmental delays. It also identifies the children at risk for developmental delays who should receive more intensive assessment or diagnosis.

Who can receive this screening?
Children as young as one to six, with no prior diagnosis, whose parents or teachers suspect something amiss in their development.

When is the next Community Day?
Our next Community Day is scheduled to be on the 29th of April, 10am to 4pm.

Call 03 78802144 to book a slot now!


Acquiring Supervision Hours for BCaBA by Freelance Teaching with EIP
Established for its effectiveness in intervention, Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA), is an evidence-based treatment, recommended as a primary treatment in our Ministry of Health, Malaysia's Clinical Practice Guidelines for Autism. In an effort to produce Board Certified Assistant Behaviour Analysts (BCaBA), EIP will offering supervision for those working towards certifications.

As part of the requirement from BACB, those pursuing the BCaBA certification require supervision hours and experience in the form of fieldwork, supervision and practicum. We are offering supervision which would include the BACB Task List, developing programs, discussions, observations, and feedback, assisting you in completing the hours needed to fulfill the board's requirements. You have the opportunity to work on your own as a freelance therapist with benefits that include:

  1. Cost of supervision included in your remuneration package
  2. Flexible working hours
  3. Have the option of working home-based or at our centre
  4. All resources provided

Do take note that it will be your responsibility to meet all the requirements of the board (BACB - before you begin your coursework at any approved institutions. For more information about this, call us at 03-78802144.

Registered Behaviour Technician (RBT) Training
The RBT credential course is an entry-level program that provides educational and practical training necessary for the duties as a behavior technician. The credential ensures competent professional practices applying research-based approaches and interventions based upon the principles of learning theory to improve socially significant behaviors to a meaningful degree.
RBT course provides:

  1. Principles of Applied Behavior Analysis
  2. Concepts regarding Reinforcement, Punishment, Extinction, Reinforcement Schedule, Three-Term Contingency
  3. Behavioral Measurement
  4. Analyzing Behavior Change
  5. Functional Analysis
  6. Other technologies such as Task analysis, Fading, Chaining, Prompting, Generalization
  7. Verbal Behavior

Upon the completion of RBT course, individuals with the Registered Behavior Technician (RBT) credential are competent to conduct and implement skill-acquisition programs, conduct and collect data for certain types of assessment (e.g., preference assessment) and are competent to implement and conduct behavior plans according to the functions of targeted behavior Individuals with RBT credential provide competent professional practice guided by Professional Disciplinary and Ethical Standards.   


  • Age and Education: 18 years old and completed high school or equivalent/higher
  • Training: 40-hour RBT Training conducted by the BCBA
  • RBT Competency Assessment
  • Criminal Background Registry Check
  • RBT Examination (after December 2015) 1.6 hours at Pearson Professional Center

Please call 03-78802144 or email us at to enquire further. Download the e-flyer here, and the application form here.

For career opportunities, click here.

Other News

Insurance Coverage - If you are interested in getting medical coverage for your child with special needs, contact us, and we can arrange for you to get a briefing with a trusted agent.

We have an extensive collection of books and journals for parents, professionals as well as students. They cover areas of Special Needs Education, Early Childhood Education, Psychology, Behaviour, Learning Disabilities and Disorders, Sensory Integration, to name a few. For a minimal fee, you can have access to this library. Contact the administrator for more info.

Take a look at some of out titles here.

For our journal titles, we have them listed by categories:
1. Assessment for Effective Intervention
2. Assessment
3. Autism
4. Behaviour Modification
5. Child Language and Teaching and Therapy
6. Clinical Child Psychology and Psychiatry
7. Clinical Pediatrics
8. Communication Disorders
9. Educational and Psychological Measurement
10. First Language
11. Focus on Autism and Other Developmental Disabilities
12. Gifted child Quarterly
13. Gifted Child Today
14. Intervention in School and Clinic
15. Journal of Attention Disorders
16. Journal of Early Intervention
17. Journal of Emotional and Behavioral Disorders
18. Journal of Intellectual Disabilities
19. Journal of Interpersonal Violence
20. Journal of Learning Disabilities
21. Journal of Positive Behaviour Intervention
22. Journal of Psychoeducational Assessment
23. Journal of Special Education
24. Language and Speech
25. Language Teaching Research
26. Language Testing
27. NEJM - Autism
28. Random Categories
29. Remedial & Special Education
30. Sexual Abuse
31. Teacher Education & Special Needs
32. Teacher Education and Special Education
33. Topics in Early Childhood Special Education
34. Word of Mouth
35. Written Communication
36. Young Exceptional Children